Headquarters of the recycling center

The company headquarters and recycling center is located in Kula on an area of 6 ha. The recycling center is equipped with modern, highly productive equipment, consisting of 4 industrial excavators and 1 highly co-productive machine for cutting steel waste.

Collection centers for recycling

A fleet of 8 trucks equipped with cranes and grapples and collection centers in Kula, Subotica and Bečej ensures a significant amount of daily supply of materials, so that the annual capacity is about 26,000 tons of steel waste.

Special requests

We prepare steel waste to the required dimensions by machine and manual cutting, and we are able to make baled sheet metal and produce briquettes. According to the customer's wishes regarding the quality of steel scrap, we can deliver the material in the qualities HMS1, HMS2, E1CS, E3, PAS, E6, E2/E8, ŠPEN E5M separately, or in a mixture according to the ratio that the customer wants. Delivery of materials in agreement with the customer can be done by trucks, railways or barges.

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